Top ten tuesday

Yay I love this weeks TTT. This is a weekly meme hosted by The broke and the Bookish

This week’s topic is: Top 10 bookish delights
1. Book mail- nothing better than waking up in the morning and you find a package full of books waiting for you.
2. New books- just the smell of new books makes me joyous.
3. Bookshops- spending the day at Waterstones of foyles and browsing the shelves.
4. Libraries- Libraties are so important. I used to go to the library every day and check out a book when I was younger and I still do. Who doesn’t love free books?
5. Book community- Knowing that you can share your love for books with someone and you have an entire community of book lovers to fangirl with.
6. Spines and book covers- need I say more?
7. Recommendations- when someone loves the book you recommended and you can scream and cry with each other!
8. Book merch- Honestly the most gorgeous things I see especially in society6 stores. The designs are incredible.
9. Bookmarks- I absolutely love bookmarks. Especially cute ones and ones with quotes. And I love that there’s bookmarks that match the cover of the book.
10. You learn new things- books really open up your imagination and teach you new things and I love that. I really feel like reading has made me for creative!
11. Sick days- I know we hate being sick, who doesn’t but thats a very good excuse for not being able to do anything but read all day with a cup of tea in bed!!! am I right?
And the list goes on….
I really like this weeks TTT!
happy reading everyone 🙂


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