Shadowhunters tv show review

I just want to start off with how I am a so heartbroken by the death of Alan Rickman, who played one of my favourite characters in Harry Potter: Proffessor Snape. His character and story was beautifully written and although he was portrayed as a villain, he was so brave and loyal, yes he was awful to Harry but he continued saving him too for his love for Lily. Like Harry Potter himself said


So goodbye Alan Rickman,

You will always be remembered,



Hello everyone so today is a sad day for all of us Potterheads, but here is a little review on the first and second episode of Shadowhunters.


Yes the most anticipated tv series is finally here.

In case you don’t know this tv series is based on The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra clare, now I’ve read only 4 books out of the 6 in this series and well I honestly feel like it’s a little overrated.

The plot line, the whole shadowhunters, demon fighting and the story line is great, I will give you that but I absolutely hate the characters, mainly Clary Fray! She is so frustrating and annoying, I just can’t deal with her! And Jace, I don’t know but he wasn’t really what I was expecting, like he isn’t those male characters that I fell crazy in love with! He is an absolute arse, but I love love Simon and Magnus Bane! I think Magnus Bane is my favourite character in this series! Oh and I absolutely ship Malec!

Here’s just a little review on the first book, City of Bones: IT TOOK BLOODY 5 MONTHS FOR ME TO FINISH THIS. It was such a slow read, it was just so boring, no action and it didn’t get me hooked straight away, but I did like the twists and turns, the kissing scene was written pretty well so I decided to carry on with the series. Plus buying all the books and not reading them would’ve been a waste of money.

Now to the tv show, Did you know there was a movie too, which was by the way crap. I am sure you will all agree if you’ve watched the movie that it was done poorly. Absolutely terrible. So naturally I didn’t have high hopes for the tv show which was released yesterday!

Here are my thoughts on the first and second episode:

Did I like it? Yes and no

Let me tell you, the intro was fantastic, they all looked badass and I was like YAASSSS. And then there was that scene with Jace bumping into Clary and





The acting was terrible. Absolutely terrible! It looked so forced, literally the way he bumped into her just looked ridiculous, like she was practically standing there, waiting for him to bump into her. It looked very unnatural.


I don’t think Dominic Sherwood is the Jace for me! Am I the only one who feels this way?!

I definitely think Matthew Daddario who plays Alec would have been a better Jace! Talking about Alec, holy crap isn’t he just so god damn gorgeous?!

And Clary, nope the casting for her just doesn’t feel right for me, I don’t know.

The 3 casting that were done perfectly: MAGNUS, ISABELLE AND SIMON!! (isn’t simon adorable?)

Magnus was perfect, and Isabelle is so freaking gorgeous!


oh and I definitely like Valentine and Luke!

Wait a second why was Dot looking 19 or something, I thought she was an old woman, what the hell? So they definitely changed a few things but I mean its okay as long as they don’t change the plot entirely, I think the change will definitely keep the suspense flowing!

Also the episode was too rushed. Like one minute something was happening and then something else, it was too fast paced!

The second episode was slightly better although the acting definitely need improvement, and Jace, he needs to be more of an arsehole (like Dani said, hey Dani) and stop with the cringy cheesiness!

Overall it wasn’t too bad, I definitely think this tv show could develop and grow, I quite liked it to be honest, aside from the melodramatic scenes and bad acting and OH GOOD LORD THE CHEESY DIALOGUE. That was awful but I didn’t hate it too much because I definitely want to continue watching it!


Hey guys, how is everyone? Did anyone watch the first episode of Shadowhunters, tell me what you thought in the comments! 🙂











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