2016 resolutions

Hello 2016, please be good to us. Thank you. 

Here’s a few resolutions but lets be honest I probably won’t accomplish many of them!

  1. Read a classic or two- I rarely read any classics and this year I want to read at least 5!

2. Read at least 50 books- my TBR list is a monster, I need to tackle it and read!!! I’m definitely determined to read as much books as I can this year!

3. Write more reviews- I want to try write at least 40 reviews this year *fingers crossed*

4. Read stand alones- I mostly read series and I want to start reading more stand alones starting with Rainbow Rowell!

5. Read popular books- e.g. Divergent, the Hungers Hames, the Grisha trilogy, the Infernal devices, Daughter of smoke and bone and more! yep theres a lot I haven’t read!

6. Read more historical fiction- Basically Outlander because literally everyone is obsessed and I want to see what the hype is all about!

7. Stop buying books (well try)-  I need to actually read all the books I have instead of buying more, does anyone have that problem too?


What are some of your bookish resolutions for 2016?



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