Romance Recommendations Part 2

Hello friends,

In honour of romance week, I’ve put together a list of swoon worthy romances, that I absolutely loved. I also did another post with romance recommendations from every genre a while ago (if you want to check it out here)

ok but before you go.. A little warning, most of these romances contain steamy content! Prepare for a puddle of tears and butterflies, these romances will give you all the feels. 

1. Meet Cute


2. The Kiss Quotient + The Bride Test

 3. The Hating Game


4. Well Met


5. The Flatshare


6. Wallbanger


7. Of Curses and Kisses


8. Josh and Hazel’s guide to not dating


9. Hotshot Doc


Do you see any favourites? Let me know some of your favourite romances so I can add it to my TBR!

Until next time,


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