January TBR

Hello friends,

I managed to get my hands on some of my most anticipated books this year so I’ve made a pile. Some 2020 releases that I want to read and (try) to finish this month.

M  Y   J A N U A R Y   T  B  R 

  1. Woven in Moonlight 
  2. The Shadows Between Us
  3. Thorn
  4. Night Spinner
  5. All the Stars and Teeth
  6. A Throne of Swans
  7. Diamond City

All of them I believe are 2020 ARCS! I am so incredibly excited to read them all. I will try my best to review all of them as soon as I read it so you guys can know whether to add it to your TBR or not, if you’re unsure!

I finished The Guinevere Deception, my first read of 2020! it wasn’t on my January TBR and I don’t know when I picked it up and finished! It was good but quite underwhelming and I guess I just expected more. I wasn’t really that satisfied and I am not sure if I will be continuing the series! I will be starting A Throne of Swans now!

What are you currently reading?

Until next time,


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