A Heart So Fierce and Broken

A Heart So Fierce and Broken

Author: Brigid Kemmerer51cGzTe9bEL

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Page count: 496

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Find the heir, win the crown.
Win the crown, save the kingdom.

Harper has freed Prince Rhen from the curse that almost destroyed his kingdom. But all is not well; rumours are rife that there is a rival heir with a stronger claim to the throne and that ‘Princess’ Harper of Disi is nothing but a fraud.

Grey has fled the castle carrying a terrible secret. When he is discovered by soldiers and returned to Ironrose by force, Grey’s allegiances begin to shift. And as he grows closer to an enemy princess, he is forced to decide whether he will stand against Rhen for the crown he never wanted.


If you haven’t read A curse so dark and lonely then avoid this review as there may be spoilers! 


I don’t know where to start with this book. This book goes with my theory of the second book in the series being better than the first (a post regarding that is coming up!) I mean I thought ACSDAL was good yes but not quite overwhelming! I still enjoyed it but this book, I was just completely and utterly blown away. For people who were not fans of ACSDAL and decided to give up, PLEASE I urge you to read this book because your thoughts about this series will change forever!

Following the events after A Curse, the kingdom has been saved, the curse has been broken but it is still a dangerous time, rumours about an heir with magic is circulating, people are questioning  Rhen’s claim to the throne and rebelling. There is also doubt about Princess Harper of ‘Disi’.  Following ACSDAL Rhen is in a traumatised state, unleashing his anger into finding the rumoured heir and magesmith, stopping at nothing until he is found.  Unknown to them,  their beloved friend Grey, who they are also searching is the one and same heir they have been searching for!

I was unsure about how the story will unfold, I was worried things won’t make sense, in my head I was thinking how is this all going to come together! I was pleasantly surprised as I read, the writing just flowed throughout the story, the pacing was perfect and everything just clicked!

This book really captured my heart. It tugged at it and made me gasp, cry and laugh. I felt so many feelings and this incredible book became one of my favourite books this year! I don’t know if I can express my love for this book enough, the way it lured me in, and made me fall head over heels with the words and characters. I still can’t stop thinking about this book. The world building, the characters and the electrifying romance. The writing was addictive, every word purposeful, woven together to create an enchanting world. The story was rich and full of angst. I laughed, I swooned and I cried.

“You trusted me once. What have I done to lose it?”
“You left.”

This book and characters are a work of great depth and intensity. I absolutely loved Grey in ACSDAL and I just wanted more of him! I was full of delight because we got SO much Grey in this book! Grey’s character development was AMAZING! We really get to see his growth from being a commander serving a prince to becoming his own person and accepting who he is.

I also loved our new female character, Lia Mara. Lia Mara is different from her mother and sister. She is compassionate and because of that she is deemed weak and unfit for queen. Although she is the oldest, her younger sister is titled Heir instead. Lia Mara wants peace between the two kingdoms and is willing to do anything to end the war. I loved Lia Mara’s development throughout the book, she was filled with so much self doubt but I could see her trying to overcome it and she just felt so real and her relationship with her sister, it was beautifully done!

Oh the romance. Can we talk about the romance please?? I am drowning in feels. The romance is consuming and intense. I am an absolute sucker for enemy to lover romance. The romance wasn’t rushed and the attraction developed beautifully throughout the novel. They are quite opposite from each other and they are just perfect together. I am so jealous of Lia Mara.

The story was fast paced, full of action and plot twists that I never saw coming. Never in a million years would I have saw what was coming.  THE END THOUGH! All the twists and turns slapped me in the face and left me speechless, which is something I love because for me that is one of the elements of an excellent book. AND the ending!! I AM IN NEED OF BOOK 3 PLEASE.

                      RATING: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

5 full stars. No doubt about that.

Thank you Bloomsbury books for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


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