Fairyloot September box

Hi guys,

I did something. I treated myself for my birthday and of course it was the September Fairyloot box because WITCHES. If you know me then you know, I love everything witches, from a young age reading The Worst witch series, Narnia and to Harry Potter which intensified my love for witches. Give me all the YA fantasy books now please! I also knew what book would be in this box so another reason to get it!

I received my box recently and I adored it. Yes I was disappointed in a few items but this box was 100% better than other boxes I bought from them.

W h a t   w a s   i n  t h e   b o x ?


  • Tote bag
  • Luna Notepad
  • Stainless steel straws
  • Fluffy socks
  • Playing card
  • Enamel pin
  • Tarot cards
  • Cauldron Bath Bomb
  • Bookmark, spoiler card and print with author letter.
  • The book of the month: Serpent  & Dove with beautiful shimmery gold sprayed edges. This book is one of my most anticipated releases and I can’t wait to read it soon! 

W h a t    I    l o v e d ! 


I absolutely loved the tote bag, firstly it’s quite strong, so perfect for carrying lots of books and I adore the witchy design. I was actually hoping for a bag with a quote and sadly there wasn’t but nonetheless I liked the bag! I also loved the fluffy socks, perfect for the cold days ahead. The playing cards were amazing, they have shiny silver lining and some have characters on them. I actually needed to invest in cards for movie and sleepover nights so it was definitely great to get them in this box! The enamel pin and notepad are really cute extras although I don’t really know if I’ll use the notepad. I wasn’t too fussed about the bath bomb, I’m not really a bath bomb person. I don’t really have time but it smells amazing and I loved the cauldron design! The tarot cards are absolutely useless to me because I don’t collect tarot cards nor am I interested in them. They were also from Shatter me series which I did not like (sorry guys). Another item I am disappointed in is the straw, I mean why do book boxes add straws?! what am I going to do with them?

Overall I always believe the book of the month can make up for any let down items and the book definitely did! It made the box worth it! It was not a bad box, I just thought there could have been more done with the theme!

                       RATING: 🌟🌟🌟.5


What do you guys think of book boxes? For me I absolutely love to support anything bookish but most of the time, I am disappointed in the items although some months are good and yeah you just don’t know so I tend to not buy them unless I really love the theme or I think it sounds like a really good one! I wish there was a way to just buy the book or certain items you like!! some boxes have actually introduced that but the book is not always there!

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