Books I want to read before YALC

Hi guys,

Guess who’s going YALC? well I think I’m going, I’m only booking my ticket at the last minute because I’m still not sure if my friend is coming with me or not. SOOOO like always I’m going to be a last minute booker. Here are the books I want to read before YALC as I am really excited and looking forward to meeting these lovely authors!

1. Sky in the deep 


This one I’ve been wanting to read for so long, I’ve heard amazing things and it seems like something right up my street. So excited to get to it, I got it in the mail the other day!

2. Vengeful


I read Vicious and I loved it so much, I have to reread it before Vengeful as it was a while ago so I need to refresh my memory.

3. A darker Shade of Magic


I loved ADSOM but I have yet to read AGOS and ACOL! I want to read this before YALC as I’m so excited to see V.E Schwab (again!) I saw her in 2016 and only read ADSOM back then, 3 years later she’s going to be like what you still haven’t finished the series lol.

4. A good girls guide to murder


I’ve been reading more thrillers and this one sounds amazing, I’ve heard nothing but good things! I love a good murder mystery!

5. Shadowscent: The Darkest bloom


I love the sound of this one, it’s been on my TBR since it came out and since the author is coming to YALC, perfect time to read it and get it signed woo!



So that is a total of 8 books I want to read before YALC! wish my luck! Will you be going YALC? What books do you want to read before London’s biggest book event AND ARE YOU EXCITED?!!!

Until next time,


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