Book box club unboxing

Hi guys, I hope you’re all well.

Today I have an unboxing for you, my first Book box club. I try not to buy a lot of book boxes because most of the time they disappoint with items that I probably will never use. I only got this box because they had a 40% discount and you know me, always loves a bargain. The box is usually £30 but I got it for £17 and free shipping!

Ok lets do this unboxing:

APRIL THEME : Bold and Brave

What was in the box:

  • A mulan tote bag
  • Celaena chocolate lip balm (it smells AMAZING, I want to eat it!)
  •  Mother of dragons bookmark (the picture doesn’t do it justice, IT IS GORGEOUS)
  • A cookie
  • Be more hermione weekly planner
  • Some bookish extras including samplers, a bookmark and a postcard. 
  • The clubhouse invite

-Last but not least, the book of the month which was a paperback of The hand, The eye & The heart by Zoe Marriott.



This was my first box from Book box club and I was not completely awed by it. Truthfully most of the items such as The planner I won’t use although I appreciate it’s not really a dated planner so I can use it in the future anytime.  I didn’t really like the cookie, at first it was nice and buttery but after a couple of bites I couldn’t eat it, not to mention the icing on top, which was too sweet for me and I had to take it off. I don’t know maybe others enjoyed the cookie but someone who doesn’t really like cookies (except chocolate), I don’t think it was for me.

Of course being a dragon lover, I loved the dragon bookmark. I don’t watch Game of Thrones even though I am tempted to start with all this hype. I can’t wait to use this bookmark though *heart eyes*. I absolutely loved the chocolate lip balm, honestly smells like chocolate cake heaven. Lastly I loved the tote bag but it was too small? like it wasn’t those wide ones, so I doubt I’d be able to fit much. I loved the design and Mulan is my honest favourite, it was my childhood. I might give the bag to my little sister, I think it’ll benefit her more than me to be honest.

I was disappointed in the book as I was hoping it was another book. I feel like even if some of the items in a book box disappoint you, the book can make up for it and I don’t think this book did. The book is inspired by Mulan and it sounds quite interesting but I’ve seen quite a lot of controversy with this book online. I will read it BUT it won’t be priority right now.

Overall  I don’t think it was bad for the price I bought it for. Will I be buying another box from this company? I don’t know yet, I mean maybe if I really like the theme or I think it’ll be a good one. I guess this happens with a lot of book boxes, it’s either a HIT or MISS.  I think even with popular book boxes, some months are good and some are not!


Have you ever got a box from Book Box club? What were your thoughts?



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