The Devouring Gray |Book review


Author: Christine Lynn Herman42190061.jpg

Genre: Fantasy

Page count: 400

Publisher: Titan Books

Goodreads synopsis: here 






I devoured this book.

It was exciting and thrilling. The writing was lush and detailed. I was hooked from the beginning and I was definitely reading it way after my bedtime. (I totally looked like a zombie the next morning). The author has woven a beautiful, dark and eerily story that kept me at the edge of my seat for sure!

“Little Children led astray,

Wandered through the woods one day.

Stumbled right into the Gray,

Never to return…”

This book follows four teenagers all living in a town called Four Paths. In this mysterious, eerily town, there are four powerful families that people regard with high respect and… fear. All the descendants have powers but only if they do a certain ritual. There is a beast threatening Four Paths, growing stronger each day and all the foundling teenagers must team up (despite their differences) to stop this monster before it consumes all of Four Paths.

I fell in love with this book right away. The plot seems basic but it was so much more. With twists and turns that kept you in your seat, long after midnight turning pages.  The characters were done so well. Each character had their own emotional baggage, a backstory and secrets that thickened the plot. There are 4 characters:

  1. VIOLET SAUNDERS:  She just moved to Four Paths and she doesn’t know her anything about her ancestors or her powers. She is grieving the recent death of her older sister.
  2. JUSTIN HAWTHORNE: The golden boy. Or so everyone thinks. His mother is the sheriff, and his family have power over the town and other foundling members. Justin wants to save everyone from The Grey with the help of Violet. He also wants to make things right with Harper…
  3. HARPER CARLISLE: She is brave, fierce and angry at the world and looking for her revenge against the boy she once called best friend. She has been an outcast ever since her accident. She also wants to recruit Violet to help her destroy the Hawthornes. 
  4. ISAAC SULLIVAN: He likes to read, he’s angry and mysterious. Probably the most powerful in the group. He’s also in love with his best friend. His family have vanished (no one knows why but there are rumours…). 

The multiple PoVs makes the plot more interesting and allows the story to develop beautifully. The characters are strong in this book, I fell in love with each of them straightaway. I was enthralled with their backstory and their secrets. My favourite character was Isaac Sullivan. Emotionally damaged, angsty, mysterious and  I just want more of him.

This story was described as The Raven Cycle meets Stranger things. I have not read The Raven Cycle books but I definitely understand the Stranger Things comparison. There were so many Stranger Things vibes for instance, there is this alternate dark dimension where a monster breeds just like in Stranger Things,

I loved this story filled with a witchy atmosphere, a slow burn romance that I loved so much!!! Also anyone else ship Isaac and Violet? because that needs to happen. I highly recommend this book to lovers of fantasy and Stranger Things.

My Rating: ★★★★

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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