Nocturna | Book Review

Author: Maya Motayne35561260

Genre: Fantasy

Page count:  416

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Goodreads synopsis: here

Release date: 2nd May 2019

Spoiler free review!!

I received an e-arc through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Hodder & Stoughton. 

This story is set in a Latinx-inspired world about a face-changing thief and a prince who must team up to defeat a powerful evil they accidentally unleashed. When Finn and Alfie’s fates collide, they accidentally unlock an evil power. Alfie and Finn join forces to vanquish what they have unleashed.

“Just let me have this victory, thief”
“Fine prince”

I absolutely loved this world, it gripped me from the beginning. I loved the characters. I loved the development of the relationship between Finn and Alfie! I need more of them! One element I love is the author understood nothing could really happen between the two main characters and despite the many feels I got, it was a realistic relationship and I actually loved how it ended.

I loved the magical world, it was quite interesting and a little bit reminded me of A darker shade of magic with the whole doorknob travel. I do wish there was more detail in the history of the magic though.

I loved the main characters. Both complicated. Finn is trying to escape her past and Alfie is ridden with grief over the loss of his brother, trying to understand a world without him. They are so different yet as they form an alliance, both challenging each other with their wit and sarcasm. The novel continues and the tension between them is growing, and their feelings slowly surface. This is definitely one of the best enemy to friends I’ve read. I want to definitely see how the author spins the sequel and develops their relationship.

Although the story gripped me from the beginning, towards the end, it felt a little repetitive and the pace slowed. The main plot of the story felt rushed, I was waiting for something dramatic or plot thickening to happen but it ended quite rushed. I wish the plot was not resolved so easily and somethings were left to be answered in the sequel. The ending made the story feel more like a standalone with no cliffhanger and the plot feeling concluded.

Rating: ★★★★

Despite some little things, I highly enjoyed this brand new Latinx inspired fantasy with relatable characters. I’d definitely recommend this book. This book is perfect for fantasy lovers, with adventure, witty, fierce characters and magic.


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