My favourite childhood books

Hi fellow book lovers!

I had this post written two weeks ago, life has just been so hectic and I haven’t found the time to just sit down and post this. Here I am to do after finishing everything on my To Do list, having Me time, watching Netflix and finally posting this!

Here are the authors I grew up with, where my love for books started, the memory of getting a new book, the excitement as you turn the pages, the feeling of being lost in a different world. Here are my top 5 childhood reads that I remember loving, all these stories and authors will definitely stay with me forever.

1. Harry Potter by J.K Rowling


Of course Harry Potter is one of my favourite childhood books. I love the characters and the magical world. I love Harry Potter so much, I made my whole family love it. My favourite book would be Prisoner of Azkaban. I want to reread these books this year because it has been too long and I want to revisit the magical world of Hogwarts. I wrote so many English papers for school based on Harry Potter, I remember doing an interesting take on Voldemort, I wrote he was misunderstood and I sympathised with him. I don’t know why but I just thought it would be interesting to explore the idea. I remember my teacher finding it so interesting. Harry Potter is life. This story and world will forever be a part of me.

2. Jacqueline Wilson books


AHHH anyone else remember Jacqueline Wilson?? I used to go to the library everyday, check out all the books by her that was available and read each one in one sitting. I love Jacqueline Wilson, at one point at the age of maybe 8 or 9 I read every single book she had wrote that was published. Who remembers watching Tracy Beaker as well, that was life!!! I will always love these books.

3. Roald Dahl


I remember my dad bought me a collection of Roald Dahl books, I loved them, the pictures, the humour and the characters. My favourite is Matilda, Matilda is me except better maths skills.


4. The chronicles of Narnia


Ah I remember in Primary school, as soon as my teacher said ‘story time’, I would run to my little corner near the books and grab The lion, The witch and The wardrobe. I was mesmerised by the world and pictures and every story time, I would read it over and over again.

5. The worst witch books


My dad bought me this collection, and I loved these adventures. It was so fun to read, I read the whole box set in two sittings. I remember loving these books!


What are your favourite childhood books? I would love to know 🙂

Until next time,


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