Enchantée – Book Review


Author: Gita Trelease41577908

Genre: Fantasy/ historical fiction

Page count: 480

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

Goodreads synopsis: here

Release date UK: February 21st 2019

Rating: ★★★★



“Remember—magic is a cheater’s game, and everyone who sees it wants to play.”

Enchantée is set in Paris, amidst the French revolution. I loved the mix of historical fiction and fantasy.  I don’t really read much historical fiction but I do love a good one and this book definitely did it for me. Enchantée follows two sisters living in Paris during the French Revolution, They are poor, with Camille using her magic to turn pieces of metal they find in the dirt into coins, which she has to use to provide for her sick sister Sophie and gambling drunk brother Alain, who they both want to escape. I loved the sisterly bond, how Camille was willingly to do anything to protect and take care of her little sister.

This story was face paced and it was easy to get lost in the pages of Camille’s double life. You fall in love with the beauty of Paris through the vivid description of Gita’s writing. There was a slow burn romance and friendship. The story was captured beautifully and vividly and I was completely enchanted. Gita Trelease’s writing was magical, her writing was rich and I could imagine every detail. I fell in love with the characters. There were many twists and turns, although they were very predictable from the beginning, I did enjoy reading it.

My favourite character has to be Lazare, I felt a connection, a boy struggling to find his place in a court, where his Indian lineage was the talk of aristocrats, and despite him being one, he was still subjected to the racism of society.

“The court of Versailles says I’m Indian. Why is it either/or? Can I not be both?”
My heart. I really do love Lazare. I have too much love for fictional characters.

I must say there were parts of the story I felt there was something missing and it was being prolonged, especially towards the end. However apart from that I enjoyed reading about the high stakes that kept you at the edge of your seat and the romance.

                       My rating: ★★


Dyfe1imXQAEVd3P.jpg-largeARC received in exchange for an honest review – thank you Macmillan books!

If you are looking for a beautiful mix between historical fiction and fantasy, I highly recommend this one, add it to your TBR guys!


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