The book that got me into YA.

Hellooooo fellow bookworms! how are you all doing? Guess who passed their theory exam?!? MEEEEE YESSS! At the end of the exam I was like you know what I failed this!! I accepted it but THEN I got my results and it said PASSED! I looked about three times to make sure!


Well now that the stress is over, I can relax a bit until my practical exam! I’ve actual had the most relaxing day, taking pictures for my bookstagram and now I’m watching Seirra Burgess is a Loser while blogging!

Anywayyyyyy lets get into this. The book that got me into YA *drumroll please*


That’s right! Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I was about 11 so this is when I first started secondary school about 8 years ago now wow! I remember an older girl in my English class for some reason the class included everyone from year 7 to year 10! She was going on and on about it and I was intrigued. I was also new and I thought hey let me read this book and jump on this bandwagon, as you can imagine. Funnily that day I went to my neighbours house and her older daughter had the book so I borrowed it off her. I read it in one sitting and I LOVED it! I remember as soon as I finished, I went to get the next book from her and read that again in one sitting! I was spellbound. Unfortunately when I finished reading New moon, in search for Eclipse, I went to the library to check it out but as I went to the counter, the stern lady with the glasses said “sorry this is young adult only, you can only get books from the children’s section” I was only a child then I guess 11 years old but I said “what I don’t understand I read the first two already and I really want to read this”. She still said no. So I left.

The next day I thought cleverly, I’ll take my mums library card so I stole it from her and  went to the library to borrow Eclipse again, this time I thought yep I’m definitely going to get away with it. And I was going to until the lady saw me and said “no don’t check that out for her she was here the other day and that’s not her library card”. I was so annoyed. I thought I was smart. In my last attempt to get this book I desperately wanted, I made my neighbour’s daughter get it for me, I practically begged her so she could go to the library while I waited outside and she checked it out for me! I literally did a happy dance.


The only frustrating  thing was the synopsis. It was very romantic, and I knew my parents wouldn’t approve me reading stuff like that at that age so I hid it. Guess what? my dad FOUND it! I don’t even know how, I thought I was sneaky. I’m such a fail. Why does this happen to me? I think I lied and said it wasn’t mine and a friend left it in my bag. Oops. I didn’t want my parents checking every book I get from the library, so a little white lie because technically my friend did check it out of the library so technically it was hers….

When I finally finished Eclipse, I don’t even think Breaking dawn was out or it was but I just didn’t even have the energy to go through all of that again. So I left it. I think I was just happy ending it at Eclipse. I was too intimidated by the book size as well and I think I satisfied that “oh I read something I wasn’t supposed to”. I totally thought I was a badass. I loved the movies too, I’m thinking of doing a rewatch soon!

So that’s the  kind of funny story of the book that introduced me to YA. I don’t know if I’ll still like it if I read it now but I loved it then.  You know people may say oh you were 11, that was a YA book but reading young adult and all kind of books at a young age really made me who I am today. I learnt so many things, I may have been young but I always thought my brain was older. I loved it and how creative it made me. Reading was my escape and still is.

I’m slightly laughing at my silly 11 year old self, why didn’t buying the book just come to my head? haha

Tell me, What is the book that introduced you to YA?

                                                    Until next time,

3 thoughts on “The book that got me into YA.

  1. This post made me laugh so much!! I have similar experiences of hiding books when I was younger and it’s so funny to look back on now. Twilight was the first Y/A book I read when I was in year 7 or 8 so I could relate a lot to what you mentioned in this post and it’s definitely shaped me as a reader haha. Thanks for reading!


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