Hello (I’M BACK)


I’m back from the hiatus I didn’t even realise I took. Seriously life has been crazy with exams and coursework. I haven’t even had time to read that much but I really miss blogging and I’M BACK. I’m changing things around my blog, I’ve got some exciting blog posts coming up and overall I’m just so excited to be blogging again.


I think the last book I reviewed was A court of mist and fury so I’m just going to tell you what I’ve read since then:

  • A darker shade of magic — 5/5
  • Finding Audrey- 5/5
  • Vampire academy: blood promise -5/5
  • Vampire academy: spirit bound -5/5
  • All the light I cannot see- 4/5
  • Confess- 4/5
  • Vicious – 5/5

I’m currently reading the last book of the Vampire academy series and I will have a full review for the entire series for sure. I’m also rereading the Throne of glass series, there’s a read along on instagram (#maasmarathon) if any of you want to join. As you can see I recently discovered VE Schwab and I read both ADSOM and Vicious and wow guys Victoria is one hell of a writer. I’m amazed with how she grips the reader. I can’t wait to read A gathering of shadows. Oh did I mention I met her last Friday, I literally just blurted I love you. I’m not awkward at all.

That reminds me I have some exciting things to tell you, well one in particular:

I WENT TO YALC! (Young adult literature convention, I guessed this and I was right, I’m such a genius!)

For those who don’t know, YALC is a book convention that happens once a year in July usually around end of the month. It’s the only book convention I know about that happens in London but I’m sure there’s more. But anyway I went to my FIRST convention and it was a success well apart from the aching shoulders from carrying all those tote bags and books.

I honestly didn’t think I was going but I booked it so last minute like on Thursday. It was so overwhelming because it was my first ever book event and it was the best experience ever.

I met a few authors including one of my fabourite authors VE Schwab. I saw so many authors just floating around the place it was like a dream.

I will have a blog post on my full YALC experience soon with lots of pictures. Stay tuned for that.

Thank you all for sticking by and I can’t wait to post frequently now woohhoooo!!

Here are other places you can find me when I’m not blogging or watching tv shows (by the way guys I’m obsessed with Stranger things oh my god)

Twitter: @ _courtofdreams

Instagram: @ acourtofdreamers


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