Prisoner of night and fog review

Prisoner of night and fog (book 1)24000878

Author: Anne Blankman

Genre: historical fiction

Page count: 352

Publisher: Headline

Goodreads Blurb: here




SO good, SO SO GOOD!

Damn this is going to be a tough one to review so it probably wont be too long!

Firstly can I just saw wow, I was reading the back and I realized how much research Anne Blankman must have done, seriously I applaud you.


I think this is the first historical fiction book I’ve ever read and it really exceeded my expectations. Despite loving history, I hardly read historical fiction, I think I spend majority of my time reading fantasy but that is definitely changing now! I really want to read more of this genre, it was truly fantastic reading about Hitler and his circle, the Nazis and the communists, there weren’t just fictional characters in this book, no Anne blankman bought real people to life again too and it was sometimes terrifying to read about but very interesting. This book is based on before Hitler came to power and it was interesting to read about from this pov.

Lets get to the characters,


At the beginning, it was so irritating because every time she thought, Hitler would come to mind and she would think about what he would but it really showed how much Hitler has impacted the minds of the people. As I continued to read on, I could see the gradual change in Gretchen, her resilience to stop at nothing for the truth, even working with a jew, the people she was manufactured to hate, I honestly love her character. She is such a strong heroine that I grew to admire. Having a pov from a friend from hitler, someone close to him was intriguing, how they could live with Hitler and such.

Can I just say this book was terrifying at times? Seriously Reinhard scared the crap out of me. Like please die. I hate him. That was me throughout the book. Die die die.

This YA novel was fantastically written, it was an easy and addictive read, and it was easy to follow. What I mostly loved about this is the steady, gradual not too fast romance and how the book was so perfectly paced. OH MY GOD DANIEL. I love Daniel, he’s so beautiful and passionate and so courageous. The whole forbidden love thing was done so well AHHHH MY HEART.

There was so much mystery and suspense, some confusing parts but that just made me want to continue going until the end. This was such a light, no complicated world building, it was perfect


I NEED THE SECOND BOOK- by the way this series is a duology!


I don’t know why but I never really hear much about historical fiction, I mean people read it of course but no one talks about it. I want to read more historical fiction, so if you guys have any good recommendations, please do tell in the comments. Thank you.


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