5 top reads of 2015

Hey guys how are you all doing?

Can you believe 2015 is nearly over?!!? how did it go so fast?

Truth be told, I wasn’t happy with the amount of books I read this year, I had a goal to read 40 books at least this year however it had to be changed to 35 in the last minute knowing I wouldn’t be able to! most of this year I had so many exams and I think life just got in the way and god the reading slumps!!

I’ve currently only read 32 books so I have yet to complete my challenge! hopefully I’ll be able to finish Heir of fire and both second and third Harry Potter in the remaining days of December!

Ok let me get on with my 5 top reads of this year! it was extremely hard picking from the amazing books I’ve read this year, ok here it goes!

  1. Crown of Midnight 


This is easily one of my favourite books of this year! I absolutely loved everything and all the character development! and Sarah J maas’ writing style! She blew my mind once again. I’m currently in the middle of reading Heir of Fire and I’m loving it just as much! My love for this series just keeps growing!

2. Anna and The french kiss


I borrowed this from the library and honestly can’t wait to get my own copy with the rest of the books in this series! this book was intense and the romance was perfectly developed, there was no insta love and Stephanie Perkins’ writing was just perfect. Of course this is going to be in my top 5.

3. Maybe someday


This book was a roller coaster of emotions! I cried, I laughed and I cried more! it was so beautifully written and it instantly made Colleen Hoover one of my favourite authors! my next read by her will probably be Ugly love, I feel like I will love that even more!

4. The Winner’s Crime


I don’t even know which I loved more, this one or The Winner’s Curse. This was a fantastically written YA fantasy novel that you must all read!

Warning it will break your heart!

5. Cinder


I have a thing for re tellings and this one was fabulous! by far this is my favourite! I’m currently waiting for my copy of Cress, please can you come soon?


6. Noughts and Crosses


Can I be cheeky and add one more please? I just can’t leave this one out! as much as it killed me, I loved this so much. I want to read the next book but I just can’t, my heart is still not ready!


What are your top 5 books of 2015? also do you guys have any resolutions for next year? my one is to read more! I intend to read a lot more than this year hopefully!



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