The Assassin’s Blade book review

18243700The Assassin’s Blade (Throne of glass-novellas)

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Page count: 448 pages

Genre: Fantasy/short stories

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Goodreads blurb: here


“My name is Celaena Sardothien, and I will not be afraid.”

The Assassin’s Blade consists of 5 short stories, stories of Celaenas past, before Throne of Glass.

Celaena’s caring and brave character was shown throughout the stories, Although she annoyed me sometimes because she was rather vain, good lord “oh I’m beautiful, oh I told you I’m beautiful” but she was so compassionate and fierce and doesn’t give up even if the mission proves to be impossible! What she did for everyone in each novella was so admirable and fearless and I think thats what made her easily my favourite heroine of all time!

I loved all the novella, they were all perfect and you can really see celaenas character developing through each novella. The Assassin and The desert, the third novella was definitely my favourite. The plot twist!!!! The ending broke my heart! I found myself in tears. Ansel broke my heart, her story was so painful and her friendship with Celaena was beautiful! The Silent master was so cute I can’t and Ilais *swoons*. God why can’t Arobynn be like the Silent master?! I absolutely despised Arobynn from the beginning, and god I just a gut feeling and was I right?! Yes we get a look of Arobynn, the man who trained Celaena,  I honestly just want him to die. Like can Celaena drive her sword in his gut please? We also meet SAM CORTLAND, Celaena’s first love and god the feels. I ship them so hard, he is honestly the definition of perfection, the way he cares for Celaena and god he just does things to my heart! I’m so torn right now between Chaol and Sam I can’t!


The ending of the 5th novella made my heart shatter into pieces. I felt Celaena pain. I actually did. God. I cried for days. I could literally feel it coming. I knew it would happen but I still wasn’t prepared for that. I started crying in front of my mum and my sisters and I had to run out of the room because I was bawling. I can’t say anything but how much this story broke my poor heart! my heart shattered and my eyes are filled with tears because I had a bad feeling about everything. I’ve been dreading ever since I started reading The Assassin’s Blade because I knew it would happen. I knew. Sarah J. Maas has done it again. She ripped my heart out and crushed it.


Make sure you have lots of tissue with you while reading this last novella!


I read these novellas after Crown of Midnight, I think you can read it either after Throne of glass or Crown of Midnight! Then you can really see what events and people shaped Celaenas character! And you will really see how Celaena grew as a character.

The Throne of Glass series is one of my favourite series and I highly recommend it! if you haven’t read it already what are you waiting for?!


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