Holiday movies

I know this isn’t book related but I LOVE HOLIDAY MOVIES.

And I thought it was appropriate since the holidays start this week! Whoop!

  1. Home Alone


Home Alone is one of my favourite movies and its always on TV this time of year, and I love re watching it!

2. Elf


A hilarious and adorable movie about an Elf trying to find his real home!

3. The nightmare before Christmas


A tale of Jake Skellington from Halloween town discovering Christmas town!

4. Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s stone.


All the holiday feels in hogwarts and a game of Wizard chess! someone take me to hogwarts.

5. The holiday and The wedding date

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Who doesn’t love romcom movies once in awhile?

These are perfect holiday movies! Have you watched any of these?

Also can we just talk about the Sherlock christmas special!!!?!!

I’m so ready!


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