Holiday reads


So I know its that time of year with Christmas trees, Santa and presents.

So I thought it was appropriate to give you a few books that can get you into that holiday spirit. I’m sure everyone has their own type of Christmas reads but here are some popular ones that you may enjoy!

  1. My true love gave to me


Look at that cover!

This book consists of 12 holiday stories, perfect for Christmas. So grab this book, a nice cup of tea and get warmed up under a blanket. And start reading.

2. Narnia


Now who doesn’t want to go back to the world of Narnia at this time of year? Back with Lucy, Susan, Peter, William and going through their adventures with Aslan and the white witch. I read the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe everyday when I was 7, that’s the only book I would read when we had a reading session at school.

I’m going to be re watching the movies this year YAY!

3. Harry potter


Now who doesn’t want to curl up in bed, and spend the days until Christmas with the Weasleys and their perfect Christmas holidays with jumpers and two mischievous twins. You can maybe even marathon the movies!

4. All I want for Christmas/This magic moment


May be cheesy and predictable but who doesn’t want a bit of a cliché this time of year?

5. Let it snow


Three holiday stories including one by John Green!


So I’m going to leave you with these 5 christmas reads and if you do decide to pick it up, enjoy!!!



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