Top Ten Tuesday


A meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This tuesday is a Thanksgiving themed Freebie – authors I’m thankful for.

1. J.K Rowling- I’m really thankful for J.K Rowling, Harry Potter is my favourite series, the world she created was bloody genius and it introduced me to the world of reading and books, so I’m definitely grateful for J.K Rowling. I read this series when I was young so it had quite the impression on me. It taught me so many things and I believe this is a must read for everyone.

2. Malorie Blackman- I know I’ve only read Noughts and Crosses by her but that book just made me speechless. The way she twisted history and made us think what if? it was so realistic and although I hated the ending so much, god I bawled my eyes out. It was such a unique read and I really don’t want to carry on with the series because i know it will break my heart again and again but I want to. god I want to.

3. Colleen Hoover- The way she twists everything, even though her books may seem cliche, its nothing like that at all. She develops her characters perfectly, and gives them all a past that really captivates you and you can’t stop reading until the end.

4. Sarah J Maas- For her fabulous writing and for the amazing Throne of Glass series which blew me away. I recommend her books to everyone.

5. Marissa Meyer- For The Lunar Chronicles, her re tellings were so different yet similar to the original stories. I love her writing, her twists and her amazing  unique characters.

6. Marie Rutkoski- For her light, fast paced series The Winners curse. her amazingly developed heroine Kestrel. Guys not having The Winners Kiss is killing me. I’m going to re read the series close to the release date.

7. Marie Lu- I’m thankful for the amazing writing of Marie Lu and her kick ass characters and I look forward to finishing the Legend series.

8. Sally Green- Sally Green is just brilliant. Half bad was so unique, her characters were so loveable and Nathans story completely sucked me in. I loved Half Bad, I read it in one sitting, and Half Wild was just as good. I CANT WAIT FOR HALF LOST LIKE I CANT.

9. John Green- I’m grateful for The fault in our stars, even though it is rather overrated and I read it over 2 years ago and I barely remember everything, I do remember however enjoying immensely. A definite re read.

10. Stephanie Perkins- I’m grateful for Etienne St Clair. Stephanie Perkins’ characters are so relatable and her writing style is one of a kind. I’m truly thankful for Anna and the French kiss, I savoured it deeply.


What authors/ books are you grateful for?



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