Firstly I have no idea why you are here but thank you for stopping by. Lets get this introductory out of the way. I’m Asmaa (most people mistake it for ‘Asma’ but thats really how my name is spelt). I’m an awkward sixteen year old who lives in London and has a passion for reading. here’s a few other facts about me:

  • I only recently started collecting books and I’m quite near the 3 digit numbers. I have around 70 books now…
  • I’m also watch too many tv show to list but here is a few: Supernatural, The flash, Arrow, Daredevil, OUAT and oh I recently started watching Sherlock. AND I AM IN LOVE.
  • I’m an aspiring author, I absolutely love writing and I hope to publish my own book one day.
  • I love cats but sadly I don’t have one of my own. (I stalk my neighbours cat, she’s so cute I swear I can’t help it)
  • My favourite series of all time is Harry Potter, these books were actually the books that got me into reading.
  • I’m a tea addict.
  • My favourite genre is YA and fantasy. Most of the books I own are probably fantasy. Oh I do love a bit of contemporary.
  • I’m an emotional person, I cry a lot when I’m reading.
  • Hmmm what else is there?
  • I have an obsession with superheroes.

Ok enough about me, let me get to my plans, my blog will obviously be book related, I’ll be reviewing books, gushing over my favourites, and I’ll also maunder about book hauls and recommendations. Sometimes I may drop in a bit about tv shows. I watch a lot of those. I think I mentioned that.

One more thing I still have no idea how this whole blogging website works so please bare with me as I get the hang of it.

Thats all for now, I hope you stick around and enjoy the regular posts coming up. (ok maybe not so regularly, more like once in a blue moon, have I mentioned I’m quite lazy? Only joking I promise I’ll try my best to get this blog up and running).

Until next time,

– Thechroniclesofabookworm

4 thoughts on “HELLO, WELCOME WELCOME!

    1. haha thank you I’m glad I finally decided to stop being lazy and blog! oh and me too, fantasy is my favourite genre and yes who doesn’t love a little contemporary once in a while? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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